Interpreting services

For some projectsyou may need an interpreter. Traducciones Juradas Málaga has a network of interpreters with different specialities and a range of disciplines. Looking for the best interpreter to match your assignment? We are glad to help and have been ‘matchmaking’ in this way for over a decade.

Consecutive interpreting

If there are multiple listeners, the message is clearly conveyed by a consecutive interpreter. When the speaker pauses, the consecutive interpreter translates what has been said. The speaker and interpreter speak in alternation, i.e.consecutively.

You will generally find consecutive interpreters working in the courts, at the police station or at a civil-law notary. In places, therefore, where it is too great a risk to rely on ‘learned’ language skills.

Chuchotage: the language whisperers

Are there only a few conversation partners? Then enlist the help of a simultaneous interpreter. He or she will whisper in your ear what the other party is saying. This is also known as whispered interpreting.

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