Network of sworn translators

Traducciones Juradas Málaga is a professional network of sworn translators and interpreters working in a range of languages. Sworn translations are certified by the sworn translator’s statement, official stamp and signature indicating that the translation is a true and accurate representation of the source text. The original text, the translation and the statement are then bound together inextricably to become a sworn – certified – translation. It is impossible to make changes to the text after it has been certified. You will need a sworn translation when using a document in a legal context. Examples include articles of association, extracts, deeds, diplomas and marriage contracts.

Urgent translations

We know that in the world of business it isn’t always possible to plan and predict everything. Do you have a text that needs to be translated asap? No problem, our wordsmiths are on call, including in the evenings and at weekends. We are there for you in times of breaking news, stress and time pressure.

Equal quality

An efficient translator can process up to two thousand words a day. Is the word count of your text more than that and do you need it by tomorrow? In that case translators have two options: they either work faster and often more sloppily, or they work through the evening. Traducciones Juradas Málaga always goes for the second option. The quality of our translations never suffers because of a deadline.

If it is impossible for one translator to translate your text within the deadline, we will bring in multiple translators. Rest assured that the quality is guaranteed, even then. We always coordinate on terminology and ask a proof reader to go through the entire text, doubly ensuring consistency.

Fair price

Are there fixed extra costs for urgent translations? No, we set the extra charge based on the length of text and your deadline. Because each urgent translation job is different.

Do you need a translation by ….. yesterday? Then call Traducciones Juradas Málaga today!

Web copy

Your website is the gateway to the general public. And what a public! The visitors to your website are actively looking for information. That is a great opportunity to grab their attention and turn them into customers, using your native language or other languages – the language of your neighbours or your overseas business partners.

The darling of the search engines

Your flawlessly translated texts will only yield results if … your website is actually found. So we work with website translators who are familiar with SEO copywriting. They know what Google wants and ensure that your website ranks high in the search results.

Want to go that little bit further? Then get in touch with us. We will reveal how together we will win over Google with ‘new content’ and ‘link building’.

Marketing translation

Because your website is a promotional instrument, we select translators who are at home in marketing, whose writing is creative, who know what works in a language. After all, an Englishman is persuaded in a different way than a Spaniard.

Is your natural habitat a niche market? We will take that into account and select a translator who speaks your professional language. What’s more, we leave nothing to chance. Country codes of telephone or fax numbers, addresses, you name it, we make sure everything is adjusted. That way no request for an offer is lost because of incorrect or confusing contact details.

HTML code left untouched

Reluctant to redo the lay-out of your website in a second language? Well you don’t need to. Thanks to website translation software, we work directly in the HTML code. Or in your CMS. That’s a lot faster and the results are visible straightaway.

Your website in a different tongue?
Tell us in your language.